Motorama Vehicle Exhibitor And VEndor Facts and Guidelines


When Arriving at Harrisburg on Friday, Enter from Cameron Street to Industrial Road. Follow the arrows and enter the Expo Hall (#2 on map).

After unloading your trailer, exit the main parking lot, turn right onto Industrial Rd., proceed straight thru the traffic light onto Elmerton Ave, go to the top of the hill and turn right onto Sycamore Drive and make a right into the new trailer parking lot (#3 on map).  Proceed to the far back left corner of the parking lot and give the guard your trailer parking pass.  He will show you where to park and give you a 2 part tag to wire to your trailer. You may pick up your trailer after 4pm on Sunday.  We will have 24 hour security for this lot. You may use your purple parking pass to park in this lot and use the shuttle or the main parking lot / participant entrance anytime during the weekend.  A trailer parking pass can be purchased for $15.00 in advance or at the registration desk when you check in. 

Display Vehicle Safety Requirements

The fire marshal has the authority to enforce the regulations by fining violators, and as the event producers we may also disqualify violators from competition if you do not comply with the following requirements: 

Gas tanks are not allowed to have more than 1/4 of a tank of fuel in them when entering the venue. 

Gas tanks must either have a lock or be taped so they are sealed.

Batteries must either have a visible shut off switch set in the off position or be disconnected at the battery.

Fire Marshal's have requested the removal of all nitrous bottles when possible before entering the building.  If bottles are to difficult to remove, you must remove the valve(s) completely before entering the building.  Which proves to the marshals they are empty upon inspection. 

No starting of engines during the show or anytime after you are set up. 

Absolutely no "For Sale Signs" to be placed in or around show vehicles.

Any display items should be fire proof if possible.  (i.e. stanchions, ropes, carpet, etc.)  All items you bring to display are your responsibility.

If you have ordered electricity for your display, your cord must be standard electric codes and taped down. 

Access & Registration

Sign in and set up for small vendors is 1PM-8PM.

Sign in and set up for large vendors try to arrive before 1PM.

Show vehicles in a 20*20 or 15*20 space starting at 10AM.  

Show Vehicles in a 10*10 or 10*20 starting 1PM.

Showroom will close at 10pm sharp.  Vendors are suggested to stay with their booth until the show room is closed.

 All show badges for the show vehicles will be given out Friday when you bring your vehicle into the building (#2 on map). When you re-enter on Saturday & Sunday you must show your 2 day badge.  You will enter the building through the Expo Hall North West Entrance or the Main Rotunda Entrance.  Both have back and forth shuttle bus service during normal show hours. 

After entering the show room, you must sign-in before you do anything else.  When you receive your packet after checking in at registration, immediately check your participation packet for accuracy of contents, any concerns should be brought up and will be resolved immediately. 

You will enter and exit at the same location on Friday, so listen to official's directing traffic.

If you need electric hook-up the day of your arrival (Friday only), cost is $100.00 or in advance for $80.00 all electric tags must be displayed at all times.

Vendors and vehicle exhibitors will receive a prepaid parking pass at the sign-in table on Friday which costs $10.00 and is added to your advanced registration. The advanced parking fee is a 50% discount to event participants in relation to on-site parking fees.  Be sure to display your parking pass when arriving Saturday and Sunday so staff knows you are a prepaid show participant.    

The show staff will tell you where to park. If you want to park with friends be sure to notify event producer Swish at 717-269-2625 upon registering to coordinate a group spot.

Equipment & Stations

Phone service is available at your booth call 1-800-479-1919.

 If you want to use the wash bay, then enter at (#1 on map) before entering the show room. Please be patient in the wash bay. Wash bay opens at 10am and closes at 8pm.

If you have an outside electric hook- up pass, please park in area as designated on the map.  Pass must be visually in drivers side windshield at all times.

No show vehicles or vendors may tear down and leave before 5PM Sunday.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Discount tickets are available Friday (only) for event participants at check-in.  After Friday, only spectator tickets may be purchased at ticketing locations as indicated on the map. 

State Law prohibits possession of alcoholic beverages on state property without a permit. Violators will be prosecuted. Alcoholic beverages will be sold at the stands in complex.

Motorama Productions is not responsible for your personal property in the event of theft and or fire.

The following items are not allowed to be brought inside the Farm Show Complex: pets, alcoholic beverages, fuel cans, drugs, stickers, balloons, open flames, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, firearms, laser pointers, roller blades, footballs, frisbee, food, drinks or coolers.

We will provide overnight security from 10PM-8AM no one will be allowed in the show area during this time. Only people with a pass will be allowed into the show 1 hour early each day. Doors open to the public at 9am.

Everyone is responsible for his or her own vehicle and property.