The fire marshal has the authority to enforce the regulations by fining violators, and as the event producers we may also disqualify violators from competition if you do not comply with the following requirements:


Gas tanks are not allowed to have more than half a tank of fuel in them when entering the venue. 

Gas tanks must either have a lock or be taped so they are sealed.


Batteries must either have a visible shut off switch set in the off position or must be disconnected at the battery.


Fire marshals have requested the removal off all nitrous bottles when possible before entering the building.  If bottles are to difficult to remove you must remove the valve(s) completely before entering the building. Which proves to the marshals they are empty upon inspection. 


No starting of engines during the show or any time after you are set up.


Any display items should be fireproof if possible, (i.e. stanchions, ropes, carpets, etc.) All items you bring to display and or sell are your responsibility.


Absolutely no for sale signs to be placed in or around show vehicles.


If you have ordered electricity for your display, your cords must be up to standard electric codes and taped down. 


All trailers must be parked in area designated for trailer parking. Look at the over head photo for trailer parking, (note) if you’re not in the proper area and your trailer gets towed we are not responsible.  If you’re not sure ask.


No alcoholic beverages, no smoking, no pets, will be permitted anywhere in the Cow Palace.


When you receive your packet after checking in at registration, immediately check your participation packet for accuracy of contents, any concerns should be brought up and will be resolved immediately.


There will be one door for you to enter and exit, no other doors will be used (the active doors will be at the main entrance and it will be marked exhibitor entrance and exit) this includes going out to smoke. We want to make it clear no side doors will be nor should be opened during the show.


If you are a vendor you must be at the show during normal show hours. If you choose to arrive late or leave the show early you are leaving your merchandise at its own risk. 


If you lose any wristbands throughout the weekend you will have to buy replacements, we will not replace them, so please be sure to know where your wristbands are at all times.


Judging technically starts when the show starts, so leave your vehicle as you want it judged. Judges will not open hoods, doors or trunks.  We suggest leaving windows down too, they can’t judge what they can’t see.  Please don’t talk to the judges unless they ask you a question.  If you have any questions concerning judging or event operations you can talk to the show manager Dan Swisher.  Judging sheets will not be seen nor given out post show, they are the property of the event.


Sunday no one tears down until the show is over at 4:00PM failure to oblige may cause your permanent exclusion from future events.


Please do understand our rules and regulations are geared to protect you and all spectators. Failure to abide by any of the above rules could result in disqualification and or expulsion from the show.  This applies to vehicle exhibitor and or vendor not adhering to these rules.


Thank you for participating.  We hope you have a great weekend with friends and make some new ones along the way.  From all of the staff thank you for your support and cooperation.